Feeling Dressage

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Impressions to Feeling Dressage

Feeling means to learn from the horse's reactions to your aids, to anticipate mistakes, disobedience, and hyper reactions, as well as to respond with the right amount of aids. Much of the information in this book is defined, measured, ordered, and prescribed in a detailed step-by-step way, the most important thing to learn cannot be taught or defined or measured. It is the ability to feel that will make you a better rider and horseperson.


Dressage develops the horse physically and mentally and enables him to perform movements and paces based on his natural abilities. It is a general training of the horse based on gymnastic exercises that enables the horse to use his body in a comfortable, healthy and effective way to fulfill the rider's wishes.


"We want to take care and not vex the horse and spoil its friendly grace, which like the fragrance of flowers, once vanished will never return."

Antoine de la Baume Pluvinel, Manege Royal 1623

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